Services — and the questions to ask


We represent a wide selection of insurance carrier partners to give you the best solutions to help your business grow and be successful.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you begin to navigate the waters of employer sponsored benefit planning.


Health insurance (fully insured)

Is a simple, straightforward, low risk option right for you? Have you considered looking at narrow network options to cut down on cost? Does a plan design change or a high deductible make sense?

Health insurance (self and level-funded)

Are you paying too much to your insurance carrier for too little coverage? Are you a small business with lower claims and want to get away from your community rates?


Where are you in your walk with health and wellness? Would introducing a company sponsored plan make your employees happier and more engaged? Does your carrier offer a competitive wellness plan and you need help driving engagement?


What are the links between oral health and overall health? Are you employees regularly scheduling their dental checkups and oral health screenings?

vision - 

Do you currently offer vision insurance? What other medical issues can be discovered through a proper eye exam?

worksite voluntary

How can you close the gap when major, unexpected expenses occur? How easily can your employees come up with the cost to meet their high deductibles and out of pocket expenses?


Tired of unwanted stacks of paper? Does it all just go straight to the trash anyways? Ready to make this process easier and more efficient?


How often do you speak to your current agent? How often do you review your current offerings? Do you have direct access to them 24 hours a day?

lets get to work

Are you ready for a change??